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Slab foundation maintenance and repair consulting for Houston home owners

The single largest source our work is home owners who are concerned about their foundations. The typical home owner has seen some irregularities such as doors that ghost, doors that do not latch, sheetrock or brick veneer cracks, etc.

Because I am independent and have nothing to sell or push, I can give you realistic advice about whether you have a foundation problem worth doing anything about and, if so, what your options are and what benefit you can expect.

Four ways I help homeowners

1. I can help you understand how significant your foundation issues are

It is one thing to say that if you have cracks in sheetrock or brick veneer you may have foundation problems. It is another thing to say that you do have foundation problems and still another to say that any foundation problem is worth the cost or risk inherent in lifting the foundation.

A Professional Structural Engineer who has long experience with slab foundations is your best bet for an independent knowledgeable person to assist you in understanding how serious your specific situation is.

2. I can help you avoid foundation repair

Avoiding foundation repair should be the goal of every Houston area home owner. Unfortunately, a common saying is that if your foundation has not been repaired, it will be sometime in the future. This is a pure urban myth. There are many older homes that have never had the foundation repaired. There are many older homes where the foundation was not repaired during the entire life of the house. The house was demolished and a new house constructed in its place and no foundation repair was ever done. So the idea that every house that has not had the foundation repaired will have it repaired in the future is clearly wrong.

You can make the odds of avoiding foundation repair work to your favor by following commonsense foundation maintenance recommendations. You can find detailed explanations of the recommendations on my website

3. I can help you understand what your real options are

Foundation repair contractors are in the business of selling repair work, meaning piles and piers. They are not in the business if helping you understand what your options are or how to best choose among them. They cannot provide you with independent unbiased advice about your foundation.

Relying on a foundation repair sales representative for advice on the need to repair your foundation is like relying on a new car sales person for independent unbiased advice on whether you need a new car.

 4. I can help you evaluate foundation repair proposals

It is not unusual for a home owner to solicit foundation repair proposals and get say, three. One contractor says no work is needed. A second quotes $12,000 and the third quotes $40,000.

A home owner in this situation needs help sorting out what is going on. Someone in this situation, needs my help or the help of someone like me. He or she needs an unbiased, independent advocate to help them make a better, more knowledgeable decision.



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