Fees and Schedule

To schedule a preliminary appointment

First, click the button below and to the right that says Set A Preliminary Appointment. This takes you to a calendar that shows our open days and times.

Next, pick an open day and then select an open time. You will then see a screen where you enter the address of the house to be inspected (please include the zip code) and your contact information. There is also a place where you can add notes to provide us some details of your situation (details are helpful to us and very much appreciated).

Fees and payment terms

Since each house and situation is different, we can only quote an approximate fee until we know more about the house and your situation. Our fees are based on the square footage of the house. The following will give you a good idea as to the cost of a foundation performance evaluation. I accept cash, checks, and major credit cards. Payment must be made or arranged prior to releasing the report.

up to 2500 square feet:     $595

2501 to 3000 square feet: $625

3001 to 3500 square feet: $650

3501 to 3900 square feet: $675

3901 to 4400 square feet: $700

4401 to 4800 square feet: $725

4801 to 5800 square feet: $750

5801 to 6800 square feet $775

Please Note: We do not perform home inspections; we only make engineering foundation performance evaluations for slab-on-ground foundations. We do not evaluate pier and beam foundations.

Click the button to schedule a preliminary appointment.

Set A Preliminary Appointment

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