My 12 hour promise

Most Houston area Structural Engineers take 3 to 5 days to issue a written report. That’s just too long when you are in a real estate transaction.

After over 15,000 inspections, I know how to organize my work to get you a thorough, accurate Structural Engineering Foundation Report within 12 hours.

There are no secrets. Here is how we do it.

You get my full attention

I normally look at only one foundation each day. I could look at 3 or 4, but I insist on taking the time to do it right. The key to making an independent, accurate, complete and informative report is to not be rushed.

I don’t subcontract anything

I do my own inspections and write my own reports. I do not subcontract any work, nor do I take a bunch of unreadable notes and turn them over to someone else to write a report.

When I say I am independent, I mean independent

Believe it or not, some of my competitors are in the foundation repair business. Not me. I have no financial interest in recommending foundation repair when it is not needed. You are going to get it straight. I am not there to promote any foundation repair contractors or any particular repair method.

You get a more informative report

My report includes links to videos on foundation maintenance and to my site Houston Slab Foundations that answers numerous questions about slab foundations.

My report also includes foundation measurements, deflection curves, and tilt lines in at least two directions.

You get a report that I double-check for accuracy and completeness. I can do this because the information from the inspection is entered directly into a laptop computer at the house. Since much of the report is created at the house, I can double-check any questionable items.

The bottom line

You get an independent, complete, accurate and timely report based on over 30 years of experience and a solid knowledge of slab-on-ground foundation design.

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